important notes for tomorrow


Remember, as we talked about last week on several occasions, for tomorrow I want you to write brief analyses of (1) street graffiti (preferably stencil) and (2) bathroom graffiti. Take a picture and put it up on your blog, and we’ll take a look at some of them tomorrow. Shoot for 200–300 words. This blog post is about 160.

Ask yourself: What do you think the image/words mean? Why would someone put them in this place?  What effect do they have? What do you think the artists’ goals were, and do you think they were successful?

ALSO: Tomorrow you will be roaming the campus in search of opportunities to playfully transform a space. This high is supposed to be 26 degrees. Dress warmly, chickadees! Also, cell phone cameras are perfectly adequate for the picture-taking business, but if you can’t email yourself the pictures from your phone, you should probably bring a cable for transferring the image to the lab computer. 



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