Independent visual project

Proposal Due: Tuesday, 3/12, midnight

Final Project Due: Tuesday, 3/26, in class

In this project, I want to give you the opportunity to dig more deeply into the meaning-making potential of the visual realm. We have touched briefly on a number of visual media (typography, photography, comics, drawing, etc.), and here I would like for you to use one of more of them to make a soundly engineered argument about something.

The content of your argument can be anything you want, but just as you thought carefully about the kinds of arguments/experiences that would be best represented through the use of sound, I want you to think about the kinds of arguments that would be best represented visually. A few off the top of my head include:

  • an argument about how something is represented
  • an argument about authenticity
  • an argument about juxtaposition
  • an argument about how visuals make meaning
  • an argument about “the media”

Alternatively, you could approach this by deciding the kind of medium you want to work in—for instance, you might be really excited about making a comic or working with typography—and then decide what kind of argument that particular medium works best for. You are not limited to the media we have explored in class, but you are still expected to cite academic sources in your rationale.

You may do this project alone or in groups of up to four, but bear in mind that I expect the project’s ambition to be commensurate with its group size. As usual, you should also turn in a rationale, which may be completed as a group if you like.

Things I will consider as I grade:

  • Is the argument soundly engineered—is the medium well suited for the message?
  • Is the argument sophisticated?
  • Is the argument compelling?
  • Does the argument rely on the visuals to do the heavy lifting?
  • Is the project appropriately ambitious for the number of people in the group?




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